SAN expands beyond certification in order to accelerate agricultural transformation

SAN expands beyond certification in order to accelerate agricultural transformation

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SAN now offers customized Solutions for Sustainability related to verification, assurance, technical assistance and project development.

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) announced today the decision to expand its scope and work with other tools beyond certification to accelerate the agriculture transformation the world needs. SAN is moving from being purely a standard-setting body and co-manager of a certification system, to becoming an implementation partner for farmers, companies and donors. SAN will now provide customized solutions in the areas of assurance and verification, technical assistance and coaching, and the development of innovation projects at regional and international levels.

“The challenges our planet faces are huge and growing fast; from climate change and biodiversity destruction to child labor and workers’ rights, our world is at risk in many areas. At SAN we believe we can help transform agriculture, from farm to final product, by providing customized, credible and innovative solutions for farmers, companies and donors and thereby become an accelerator of positive change for both people and planet.”

Andre de Freitas, SAN Executive Director

SAN’s new focus is on creating individual plans by crop, regions and/or environmental/social/economic issues, according to the needs of the company, sector or donor partner. Custom plans can be dynamic and include opportunities for stretch goals and continuous improvement. Furthermore, the new SAN Solutions for Sustainability can also help value chains become Climate Smart, Deforestation Free, Pollinator Friendly and Socially Responsible. This new focus allows companies and brands to make unique and compelling, social and environmental claims directly to consumers.

With more than 20 years of experience working with producers, companies, certification standards, auditors and trainers around the world, SAN will be a powerful and efficient ally to the partners it works with, to help achieve and monitor goals, to create value on the ground and to transform agricultural practices. SAN is a member-led organization combining global and local reach and is comprised of a global network of NGOs, with a central secretariat staff working in the UK, the US, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

“Through our network of local members, and using our best-in-class agricultural standard as a road map, we can help achieve agricultural transformation with real scale, in a practical and efficient manner.”

Romeo Domínguez, SAN Board President.

This expansion in SAN’s work is a natural evolution of the organization and allows it to continue to deliver on the core mission ‘to be a global network to transform agriculture into a sustainable activity’. In addition to these new work areas, SAN will continue to be part of the SAN/Rainforest Alliance certification system.

Working across 40 countries and more than 100 crops, SAN provides customized, credible and innovative agricultural solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social problems. To find out more about what we do visit

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