A sustainable decade

A sustainable decade

With 56 years of experience producing coffee, Coopedota is particulary proud of the last 10: the most sustainable ones.

The cooperative of 900 coffee producing families is located in la Zona de los Santos, Costa Rica, and has been complying with the Sustainable Agriculture Network Standard for more than a decade. In addition, they certified the world’s first neutral carbon coffee.

Coopedota counts among its achievements exporting its coffee to countries like Germany, United States, Canada and United Kingdom; and also the opening of several gourmet coffee shops in Costa Rica. However, it is their sustainable way of production what makes them prouder.

Besides fulfilling the criteria of the SAN standard for the protection of natural resources and to ensure the livelihoods of its workers, Coopedota is a sustainable company that replaces 95 % of the firewood used to dry the coffee for the husks of the same grain; and implements an energy efficiency process that allows them to reduce 35% of electricity consumption.

“I do not know if we have the most productive farms, maybe a farm that does not worry so much about sustainability produces much more, but what I do know is that our farms are full of life and that our coffee is not destroying but helping the environment,” proudly says the General Manager of Coopedota, Roberto Mata.

How have their productive practices changed since they were certified? They tell us themselves in this video:

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