Governance and Transparency

Efficient governance is one of the greatest values of the RAS. We are a nonprofit, open and transparent organization that involve multiple actors to ensure greater impact of our activities.

The SAN works through a participatory, multi-stakeholder decision making process. This structure enables credible consensus building and encourages democratic, inclusive and transparent discussions.

You can read more details on the objectives and the governance bodies of the SAN in its statutes.

The Sustainable Agriculture Network works using a participatory, decision-making process with the stakeholders. This structure enables credible consensus-building and encourages democratic, inclusive and transparent discussions. Internally our organization encourages the participation of diverse members ranging from small agricultural producers to agroindustry and civil society organizations.

Our governing bodies are:

Members of the Board of Directors and General Assembly

  • President: Jonathan Barnard
  • Vice-president: Laura Prada
  • Treasurer: Elsa Matilde Escobar
  • Alcides Andrade
  • Hando Hain
  • Lucia Jurado
  • Miguel Araujo
  • Melanie Bayo
  • Nigel Sizer
  • Paul Matiku
  • Romeo Domínguez
  • Executive Director: Andre de Freitas

International Standards Committee (ISC)

The ISC is the committee of international experts for the creation of environmental, social and agricultural standards for agricultural and cattle certification. It develops or reviews SAN’s standards and means of verification together with the Secretariat. Its integration is under review.

Name Region Stakeholder Category Topic of Interest
PhD. Jeff Milder  International SAN representative (Rainforest Alliance) Biodiversity conservation
Jonathan Barnard Europe & Africa SAN representative (RSPB) Biodiversity conservation
PhD. Luis Fernando Guedes Pinto Latin America SAN representative (Imaflora) Farm productivity and profitability
Dorianne Beyer North America ISC founding member Family well-being and livelihoods
Gail Smith International ISC founding member Natural resources conservation
Olaf Paulsen Europe ISC founding member Family well-being and livelihoods
PhD. Elmé Coetzer Africa External expert All impact areas
PhD. Nolan Quirós Latin America External expert Farm productivity and profitability
PhD. Paul Jepson North America, Europe & Africa External expert Farm productivity and profitability

Technical Operations Committee (TOC)

The TOC defines the technical content of farm, group and chain of custody certification policies, and accreditation requirements for certification bodies and auditors. It advises on communication systems, tools and necessary guidelines for the effective implementation of these and of SAN standards. The TOC is made up of two working groups.

Policy Group Chain of Custody Group
Global: Jon Jickling Producer country Auditor: Benedictus
Asia: Mallika Shoshamma Mathew Consumer country Auditor: Christian Rahbek
Latin America: Tharic Galuchi SAN expert: Claudia Cortes
Africa: Morris Githaiga Gitahi Rainforest Alliance expert: Emily Donovan
Smallholders: Simon Odhiambo Achieng
Plantation: Rudy Amador
International Standards Comittee: Olaf Paulsen
Traceability/CoC: Emily Donovan

Our Members

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