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If you share our vision and desire to transform agriculture into an activity that balances the coexistence of human beings and nature, there are several ways you can support our work:


Ask for and consume products bearing the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM seal; these have been produced under our sustainability standards. You can see a list of our products and where to find them by country using the Shop the Frog link Shop the frog.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook, where you will always find important information about the world of Sustainable Agriculture.


If you represent an NGO that works in the areas of agriculture or the environment and believe that you can enrich our work and we can enrich yours, become a member!

Our value proposal for our members is straightforward and transparent: it is the belief that this membership will help you better accomplish your mission by giving you a larger venue and broader geographic scope for exchanging ideas and experiences. In terms of governance, partners have final decision-making authority related to the SAN standards for agriculture and they elect the members of the Board of Directors.

SAN members are often involved in one or more of the following activities: technical assistance to farmers, international verification or certification services related to SAN standards, promotion activities for sustainable agriculture and the development of markets for sustainably produced products.

SAN partners must be non-profit organizations whose mission and goals are consistent with ours. If your organization would like to become a partner, it should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be legally established for more than five years, working in the fields of the environment or agriculture.
  • Submit a written or electronic request to the Sustainable Agriculture Network explaining your reasons for supporting the SAN and committing to:
    • Work with the other members of the Network and with the standards and policies of the organization.
    • Serve as an ambassador for SAN in your country.
    • Support SAN in its consultation processes for standards and policies.
    • Collaborate with and support the institutional development of SAN members.

If you fulfill these requirements and would like to work with us, your membership request should include information that SAN’s Board of Directors periodically requires, including your statutes, annual reports and non-confidential financial information as well as a list of your partners or associates.

If you would like to become a new member of SAN, please contact us at this address:

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