In person training activities for the 2017 SAN Standard continue successfully

In person training activities for the 2017 SAN Standard continue successfully

The in person training activities for the 2017 SAN Standard are progressing successfully with five regional workshops so far this year.


In January the workshops were held in Indonesia and Ivory Coast; in February in Kenya; and in March one in India and one in Brazil.

An average of 20 people participated in each activity.  Rainforest Alliance and RA-Cert technicians participated in the workshop in Indonesia; In Ivory Coast staff from the Rainforest Alliance, RA-Cert, CEFCA and AfriCert; In Kenya from the Rainforest Alliance, RA-Cert and Africert; In India technicians from Rainforest Alliance, RA-Cert, IMO and INDOCERT; And finally in Brazil staff from Imaflora and IBD Certifications.

The regional workshops bring together the member organizations of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) and the certification bodies working in these particular regions. The objective is to address the specific needs of these actors in their working regions, with particular attention to the implementation and auditing of the 2017 SAN Standard.


According to SAN’s Learning & Support Manager, Silvia Rioja, the regional workshops have allowed “harmonization of the interpretation of the standard between different organizations and optimization of the techniques to implement the requirements and evaluate them, which will allow the technical teams carry out their work efficiently”.

The in person training will culminate with two more regional workshops: one in Colombia in April and the last one in Guatemala in May.

Subsequently, Continuous Training will be conducted through SAN’s e-Learning Center.

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