Accreditation of certification bodies

10871628684_0fe1cb0f5b_bWe run an Accreditation Program for certification bodies that aims to expand certification capacity globally and ensure highly credible certification processes centered on quality, integrity and competitiveness.

The program is focused on preserving the spirit of SAN’s mission while ensuring high quality certification management and the continuing development of a highly qualified pool of auditors.

Our certifier accreditation includes ISO65 requirements and additional SAN criteria to ensure high quality audits. SAN criteria include auditor compliance with the Auditor Competence Program, which ensures that the system has professionals with exceptional skills, professional experience, training and continual development.


SAN’s accredited certification bodies must demonstrate a high level of technical and operational capacity to conduct the work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, their objectives should be aligned with the SAN mission.

We aim to build a community of certifiers that not only have the technical ability to conduct audits and award certification, but they also share our conservation mission, our vision and passion for sustainable agriculture,and our commitment to improving the livelihoods of rural communities around the world.

The Accreditation Program is not receiving applicants at this moment.


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