Auditor Competence Requirements

The competence of the auditor, his or her continuing development and global level calibration are critical elements in ensuring the quality and the credibility of SAN/Rainforest Alliance certification.

The Sustainable Agriculture Network is proud of its auditors and their understanding of local cultures, languages, policies and ecology. SAN auditors are usually local residents of the country where they participate in certification activity, hired by local accredited certifiers.

Our Auditor Competence Program establishes a training framework for accredited auditors and trainers as part of the conditions that certification bodiesmust meet in seeking SAN accreditation.

The purpose of this program is to promote the high quality and expertise of SAN accredited auditors worldwide. To accomplish this, the Competence Program sets the guidelines for:

  • Harmonizing the selection and training of auditors and their instructors.
  • Updating the status of the auditors and trainerson a regular basis, evaluating their performance and encouragingcontinuing improvement.

SAN accredited auditors receive periodic technical and field training to optimize their performance. Any professional interested in becoming an accredited SAN auditor must complete and pass the specific training courses for each standard.

To harmonize quality at a global level, the SAN:

  • Defines requirements for the selection and promotion of auditors and their trainers.
  • Defines the content of thetraining materials.
  • Supervises the quality of the training activities and the performance of the auditors and their trainers.

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