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DSC03465 Mission

Many farmers need help implementing the best practices found in the SAN Standard in an economical and efficient manner. The SAN Learning and Support program helps SAN members, and other technical assistance providers, help farmers through the transfer of knowledge and the appropriate technologies needed to make sustainable agriculture a reality. Learning and Support also designs and develops training, technical materials, and innovative and effective models and tools that support SAN’s work, and in the process, support certification and farmers.

How do we work?

L&S principle objectives are:

  • Identifying and evaluating the learning and support needs of SAN partners and farmers and translating these needs to tangible and achievable knowledge and skills.
  • SAN partners around the workd have the knowledge and skills to interpret and implement the Sustainable Agriculture Standard in a consistent and practical manner in a variety of production systems, crops and cultures.
  • Knowledge and technical information are accesible and comprehensible to farmers and groups through SAN partners.
  • Designing, developing, and making available to partners the tools they can use to foster sustainable agriculture among their clients.

Key Function

Continually add value to certification through investigating, developing and incorporating innovative learning and support opportunities in certification systems and process and the Sustainable Agriculture Standard

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