What do we do?

In the SAN we are working to be a global network promoting a transformation toward sustainable agriculture. To accomplish this, we help farmers to implement best practices and we develop standards for best agricultural and cattle production practices that we coordinate in a certification system.

We implement this certification system jointly with local partners in different countries and with the Rainforest Alliance global organization. Products grown on farms that comply with our standards use the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM seal.

At SAN we also work on strengthening our partners’ technical assistance plans and facilitating the flow of information between them so that more farmers can gain access to training in best agricultural practices.

Technical assistance is a critical element for accomplishing our mission, since many farmers benefit from this support in order to implement the best agricultural and social practices inherent in the Sustainable Agriculture Standards.

SAN partners provide support to farmers of all sizes through training, field demonstrations, videos and other educational materials and techniques appropriate for each type of crop, environment, local culture and learning capacity of the participants involved.

These are the SAN’s strategic goals:

Effectiveness: Develop programs and systems that are effective in maximizing the sustainability of agriculture.

Transformation: Build a critical mass to promote and support sustainable agricultural practices.

Global reach: Combine worldwide representation and local influence to ensure that priority areas benefit from SAN.

Institutional resilience: Strengthen and develop SAN in order to provide consistent and high quality delivery of programs.

If you want to learn more about the impacts of our work you can check out this report from around the world.

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