SAN completes training on 2017 the SAN Standard for the technical community

SAN completes training on 2017 the SAN Standard for the technical community

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) completed the training of its technical community for the entry into force of the new SAN certification standard on July 1st.

During the last months, and as part of the global Training Strategy for the 2017 SAN Standard, seven regional events were held, each one coordinated by SAN through the SAN Members and Certification Bodies working in the regions.

In-person training activities were addressed to auditors, technical advisers and team members of the Certification bodies and SAN Members, so they can now replicate the training with certified farmers in their own countries.

Representatives from 24 countries attended the seven workshops, covering all regions within the scope of SAN Certification: Africa, Asia and Latin America; for a total coverage of 47 countries through the action of the SAN Members and authorized certification bodies.

In total, 134 technicians working in 28 countries were actively involved in these in-person activities. They are now in charge of replicating these trainings events within their teams and organizations.

All key topics related to the new standard were analyzed. Each region also selected specific topics that represented main challenges for them and needed special attention. Key crops received special focus in the field trips: coffee, cocoa, citrus fruit, flowers and banana.

All the organizations working in the same region shared solutions and agreed on how to work together with the implementation and auditing of the new standard.

Some of the topics included in the training sessions were:

  • Management system for smallholders and groups
  • Pesticide management and IPM for smallholders
  • Minimum wage and labor rights
  • Child labor and forced labor
  • Group administration and management
  • Natural ecosystems and shade cover
  • Wildlife and human conflict
  • High Conservation Value and natural ecosystems
  • Freedom of association

Based on the results of these events, SAN is working on new on-line activities and resources to support the technical community in the first steps of the implementation of 2017 SAN Standard. You can read the full report of the training workshops here.

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