SAN Photo Contest Winner took his camera for a ride in Nicaragua

SAN Photo Contest Winner took his camera for a ride in Nicaragua

Nishan never leaves the house without his camera, after all, he says in every corner in Rwanda there is a good photograph.

That wondering eye made Nishan Gunasekera the first place winner on our first SAN Photo Contest last year, with a beautiful photograph of the very beginning of a working day in his tea plantation.


Gunasekera has been working in agriculture his whole life -28 in total and the last 8 in Sowarthe Tea State in Rwanda-, mainly in tea production. That’s why his wondering eye opens up even wider walking through cocoa and coffee plantations.

As the first place winner, Nishan won the opportunity to visit two certified farms, almost eight thousand miles away from his own. He visited Finca San Marcos, the first certified cocoa producer in Nicaragua; and Cafetalera La Bastilla, a well-rounded project that involves gourmet coffee production and the management of a sustainable hotel for visitors and an agronomist school for the community of Jinotega.

For him all seems very new, but somehow very similar: “These people are following the sustainable principles the same way we do. I can see it’s part of their DNA too”.

Always with camera in hand, Nishan got deep into the cocoa and coffee plantations and capture, once again, beautiful images of the everyday in certified farms.

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