SAN updates its Policy on the Exceptional Use of FAO/WHO HHP pesticides

SAN updates its Policy on the Exceptional Use of FAO/WHO HHP pesticides

  • As part of the preparation of the entry into force of the SAN 2017 standard, 70 requests to authorize the exceptional use of 27 substances over a limited time were received. SAN authorized the potential use of 12 active ingredients for specific crops and countries.
  • SAN opened a new reception period of requests for exceptional use of pesticides that will be closed on next June 30.

SAN P SP 7 V1_Policy_on_Exceptional_Use_of_FAO_WHO_HHP_pesticides_July_2017 .pdfFrom the almost 70 applications received, 75% complied with the published SAN information requirements, covering 27 active ingredients for 28 countries and 35 crops.

After thorough technical analysis, case by case, with its pesticide experts, SAN decided to update its “Policy on the Exceptional Use of FAO/WHO HHP pesticides” which substitutes the former procedure. You can read the new policy here.

Based on the technical analysis of the evidence presented, 12 active ingredients received authorizations for specific country or crop. These authorizations will be valid until June 30, 2020 and only on the condition that strict risk management requirements are implemented. You can read the full list of authorizations here.

The main reasons for the rejection of all other requests for the exceptional use of FAO/WHO highly hazardous pesticides are (you can read the detailed report here):

  • No evidence of producers’ use/need was provided;
  • SAN has no certified organizations within the requested crop or country scope;
  • There are less toxic, effective and registered alternatives;
  • Other alternative substances are authorized by SAN;
  • Requested substances’ chronic risk profile is too high;
  • Requested substances are listed in the Rotterdam Convention; or
  • Requested substances meet the criteria of class Ia (extremely hazardous) of the WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard.

SAN is opening up a short extension period until June 30, 2017 to receive new requests for exceptional use under the following conditions:

  • Requests shall be sent to s&
  • Requests will only be accepted, if sent by agriculture or cattle producer representatives and if representing a proven need based on realistic evidence for the use of prohibited pesticides by the producer.
  • Only requests for crop or country crop expansions covering the current SAN certificate scope will be accepted.
  • No requests for new active ingredients that are not included in this policy will be granted. See the last page of the policy for more details.

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