Second place of SAN Photo Contest got his prize in Costa Rica

Second place of SAN Photo Contest got his prize in Costa Rica

The second place winner of the SAN Photo Contest got his price: a sustainable tour around two certified farms in Costa Rica.


Pablo Macy came to Costa Rica representing Grupo Hueck’s farms from Nicaragua. In one of those farms the second place winner photo was taken: a portrayal of a Great Kiskadee, a bird known as “Wis”, nesting around La Virgen coffee farm.


Grupo Hueck’s farms have been certified for 13 years and Pablo has been working there as the Production Manager for almost the same period.


Being a coffee producer most of his life, Pablo got the chance to learn about the production of banana and flowers in two Costa Rican certified farms.

He visited P&F Costa Rica Flower Farms, a family owned Costa Rican company, producing and exporting a wide range of Dutch bulb and European flowers, as well as a wide range of tropical flowers and foliage; and the banana farm of EARTH University, located in their campus and using innovative, environmentally-friendly practices for healthy, great-tasting fruit.

Pablo also visited the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) headquarters in San José, Costa Rica.


The winner shared with us his thoughts about certification. Watch what he had to say and his tour on the farms here:

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