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SAN’s Director will share his expertise on the General Assembly of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020

SAN’s Director will share his expertise on the General Assembly of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020

Over 80 partners of The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 (TFA 2020) from government, business, civil society, international organizations and local communities will come together to finalise the 2016-18 strategy of TFA 2020, and exchange knowledge, expertise, and best practices on partnering to implement the transition to deforestation-free supply chains.

The TFA 2020 is a global public-private partnership in which partners take voluntary actions, individually and in combination, to reduce the tropical deforestation associated with the sourcing of commodities such as palm oil, soy, beef, and paper and pulp.

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During the Knowledge Exchange Sessions, the Executive Director of SAN, Andre de Freitas, alongside Richard Donovan (from SAN member Rainforest Alliance) and Mauricio Voivodic (from SAN member in Brasil, Imaflora), will present recently completed research on the impacts of certification from a deforestation and sustainability perspective, and also identify how certification systems are currently adapting to better address new challenges.

The presenters have long experience in on the-ground advisory and independent auditing in forestry and agriculture certification. They have also been involved in corporate and government efforts to halt deforestation.

“TFA 2020 is the leading global public-private partnership working to eliminate deforestation from key commodity supply chains. Its upcoming General Assembly will produce its strategy for the next few years and we are excited to contribute to this and share our experience and positive results on how SAN/Rainforest Alliance certification has not only been effective in tackling deforestation but also in delivering other environmental and social benefits”, said de Freitas.

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is partner with the TFA 2020 since last year, since then the SAN has been involved in programs and initiatives to end commodity driven tropical deforestation and has share its knowledge and expertise with other partners.

Also, on the SAN Standard it’s stated that from the date of application for certification onwards, the farm must not destroy any natural ecosystem. Additionally, from November 1, 2005 onwards no high value ecosystems must have been destroyed by or due to purposeful farm management activities.

The Knowledge Sessions will also include discussions about topics such as the importance of land and forest tenure in achieving zero deforestation and sustainable supply chain management goals.

The TFA 2020 will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 10-11 March.