Temporary suspension of CyD Certification body

Temporary suspension of CyD Certification body

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), assurance manager and co-owner of the Rainforest Alliance certification system, filed a temporary suspension on the audit activities carried out by CyD certification body in all countries where it operates, as of March 13, 2017.

The temporary and indefinite suspension of CyD services applies to all audit processes with current customers and services for new clients. During the period in which the suspension is active, CyD will not be able to sign new certification agreements, perform audits or issue new certificates for the SAN/Rainforest Alliance certification system.

SAN made this decision after completing a performance evaluation of the audit processes conducted by CyD, as well as the performance of registered auditors from last year and during February of this year.

These assessments showed different areas of non-compliance with the quality requirements of the certification system by CyD, which should be corrected for the suspension to be lifted.

In the coming weeks SAN will carry out on-site assessments and review audits on selected farms to verify that the certification body has corrected the non-conformities detected in the evaluation. The suspension will be lifted only after this process.

As part of its work as an administrator of the certification system, SAN constantly monitors and evaluates the quality of work of accredited certification bodies in order to guarantee the integrity of the system.

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