The Alliance for Sustainable Certification between SAN members is born

The Alliance for Sustainable Certification between SAN members is born

A new cooperation agreement was signed on September 21 between certification institutions for agroindustrial production, processing and distribution systems, as well as tourism; which are linked to some of the partners of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), such as: Natura Certification Foundation (NaturaCert), Inter-American Tropical Research Foundation (FIIT), Institute for Cooperation and Self-Development (ICADE) and Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification (IMAFLORA), Certifier of Sustainable Products SC (PPS) and SalvaNATURA.

DKRdbCfXUAED0YFAt the conclusion of a series of meetings and agreements among the members of the SAN, the representatives of the certifying institutions signed cooperation agreements with the objective of strengthening operational efficiency and business capacity, aimed at providing quality services related to auditing, certification, verification and training in countries where they are able to offer such services.

The signatory organizations have offices in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

The SAN’s Executive Director, Andre de Freitas, explained that this alliance will allow to take advantage of the strengths of each of the certification bodies, joining efforts to achieve more effective certification processes.

Also, the Executive Director of the Natura Foundation, Elsa Matilde Escobar, said that for this organization it is very important to be part of the agreement, through its certifying body NaturaCert, because this way, it will be able to continue supporting more producers in the process of improving their production systems.

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