The much awaited Anker Methodology living wage manual is available now

The much awaited Anker Methodology living wage manual is available now

The Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) will host the launch event for Living Wages Around the World: Manual for Measurement by Richard Anker and Martha Anker in New York City on April 19.

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The much anticipated publication of the Anker Methodology for estimating living wages is available now through Edward Elgar Publishing, and the GLWC will host an active discussion on the methodology, and the ways it is being put to use to help workers move toward earning a living wage.

The book describes a new methodology to measure a decent but basic standard of living in different countries and how much workers need to earn to afford this, making it possible for researchers to estimate comparable living wages around the world and determine gaps between living wages and prevailing wages, even in countries with limited secondary data.

The SAN/Rainforest Alliance system is a member of the GLWC alongside Fairtrade InternationalForest Stewardship Council (FSC)GoodweaveUTZ , Social Accountability International (SAI) and the ISEAL Alliance.

With the publication of this manual on the Anker Methodology of Living Wage measurement, there is an unprecedented opportunity to measure living wages that are accepted by the variety of players involved in living wage issues, and to lead cooperation and shape discussions about worker needs and wage levels around the world, to achieve progressive improvement in wages towards a living wage globally.

You can register for the launch event here and get more information about the GLWC here.

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