The SAN revises implementation details of the new 2016 Standard

The SAN revises implementation details of the new 2016 Standard


  • The new SAN Standard for Sustainable Agriculture will be published in July 2016 and it will be binding for audits starting in April 2017.
  • – In the coming months, a special taskforce will evaluate the details for the implementation of some critical criteria on new key topics for the SAN, as well as mechanisms to ensure the continuous improvement of certified farms’ performance.
  • – The SAN Standard 2016 will be a leading tool in the certification sector due to its high quality and focus on delivering positive impacts, as well as its accessibility to agriculture and cattle producers.

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) decided to extend the revision process for its New Sustainable Agriculture Standard 2016 in order to make additional specific revisions regarding the implementation of some new critical criteria, as well as the mechanisms to ensure continuous farm improvement.

In early October, the SAN General Assembly approved all the general concepts of the 2016 Standard, but felt that having a team of experts analyze the implementation aspects of some criteria would be positive move, in order to ensure that the new SAN Standard for Sustainable Agriculture remain a leading tool in the certification sector due to its high quality and accessibility to agricultural producers.

The special taskforce will consist of members of the International Standards Committee (ISC) and the Technical Operations Committee (TOC) , who will be responsible for developing additional elements in the scoring system and/or rules for implementation that will lead to improving compliance with all the Standard requirements over time.

Starting in November 2015, the special group will analyze draft 4.0 of the SAN Standard for Sustainable Agriculture 2016 and it will submit is technical recommendations in February 2016. The SAN General Assembly will then give its final approval to the new Standard in March.

The SAN technical teams will then start the process to train certification bodies, auditors and producers, in order to best prepare them for the implementation of the new Standard in audits starting in April 2017.

The SAN Standard for Sustainable Agriculture 2016 will be officially published in July 2016. During the second half of that year, the last tests will be carried out on farms around the world.

The SAN maintains its firm commitment to the publication of a certification standard of the highest level, a leader in the sector, which at the same time will be an accessible tool for instructing and partnering with producers that are just starting to take their first steps on the path to sustainability.

Achieving this balance is SAN’s aspiration, because only the successful combination of both elements will have a positive impact on the transformation of agriculture into a sustainable activity over the long term.

Updated calendar for the publication of the SAN Standard 2016

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