WWF/ISEAL report: How credible standards can help companies deliver the 2030 agenda

WWF/ISEAL report: How credible standards can help companies deliver the 2030 agenda

A new report by WWF and ISEAL Alliance explores how businesses can use credible voluntary sustainability standards to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The report shows how sustainability standards can help ‘scale up’ efforts to achieve the SDGs: “Credible sustainability standards and certification schemes are a key tool in market transformation and its contribution to SDGs. Credible standards provide guidance on what better production or sustainability for the mainstream, look like in a concrete and practical way, focused on a specific process, sector or industry. This helps businesses to address the biggest impacts in a specific sector. In doing so, a standard typically contributes across a number of SDGs.”


Specific point oh how standards can help businesses in moving towards the SDGs mentioned in the reports include: “standards pioneer innovative solutions such as HCVs, traceability, living wage and others”; “standards provide a scalable solution, allowing companies to be a part of a broader movement toward greater sustainability in their sector”; and “standards can provide incentives to businesses that improve their sustainability practices, for example through more stable business relations between suppliers and buyers, by offering market access or in some cases through price premiums.”

Also, the report showcases “Good Example Practices”, where the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is highlighted: “SAN has published a ‘how-to’ guide on addressing sexual harassment and gender-based violence against farm workers. It aims to help certified farms deal with these sensitive issues in order to remain compliant with their standard. The guide explains how to create policies, procedures and programmes to tackle workplace sexual harassment. It also covers educating workers on the issue and how a farm enterprise can monitor if what they have put in place is working. The guide is clearly linked to the SAN principles and criteria that call for a safe, harassment-free and non-discriminatory workplace.”

For more evidence how the adoption of sustainability standards can directly contribute towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), check out ISEAL’s three infographics on this here.

To read the WWF/ISEAL full report, click here.

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